One door closes…

Less than 10 days until the Shamrock Marathon. One of my favorite weekends of the year. For that reason this post is hard to type up so I’ll just get to it. I have decided to pull out of the Shamrock Marathon. Insert tears here. This was an incredibly tough decision to make. One that I put off making and couldn’t bring myself to share with anyone outside my tiny circle of close friends until now. Earlier today I picked up that sweet new Running Etc. race top pictured above and got a little achey in the heart that I won’t get to pin my favorite number 7 on it like last year.

About 4 weeks ago I was running a solo mile repeat workout on a road loop. The times were fantastic and my confidence was beaming. I noticed one sharp turn that  I would repeat 5 times throughout the workout thinking maybe it was too aggressive. I didn’t follow my gut, brushed the concern away, and all this while wearing racing flats (ugh). The following morning I couldn’t walk without pain in my left calf.

A few days off soon became a week, a week became two, then they became 21 consecutive days off running. I had two A goals this season and while I am back to running (not perfect but I’d say 90% healed thanks to the amazing team at Direct Performance), if I run the Shamrock full in this condition than I most likely would jeopardize my recovery and build up for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. This decision really totally sucked was very difficult to make. Last year Shamrock was a dream race for me. I am so very proud of that race and still consider it to be one of the best I’ve ever executed considering the Nor-Easter storm headwinds we faced. Having my spouse put my medal around my neck, best friends there cheering, and coach along the course was such a GIFT. Feeling self pity for not receiving that incredible gift again seems almost greedy.

I tell my kids all the time, you can choose to be the victim or the victor in every situation. You can choose to feel sorry for yourself or you can choose to turn the experience into a great one. I chose to have a few tears then move on.  I knew immediately that I would still be celebrating Shamrock Marathon weekend in one way or another and will now be helping out the awesome J&A Racing team with the weekends festivities. Without going into detail they found a job for me that fits my personality and, get this, I get to drive a golf cart 😉  There are so many incredible details that go into making Shamrock a unique and fun race that normally I have to gloss over because I’m running. Now I get to be on the other side and look forward to sharing it with you all.  I promise it will be an amazing weekend and its not too late to sign up. Online registration closes Tuesday at 11:59 pm. The half is where I got my PR but all the courses are fast and PR worthy (I promise to scream loud and dance awkwardly for you!!)  Also look at the expo line up below….Bart Yasso, Elyse Kopecky, SHALANE (my idol) and many more!! Did you miss that?  I’ll type it again Shalane Flanagan is coming to Shamrock!

Thank you all so much for supporting me. I cannot wait to cheer for some of you at the Shamrock races next weekend!!  For all my local friends racing the One City Marathon this Sunday, lots of luck for you. Fingers crossed for a tail wind 😉


-If you can meet with triumph and disaster  and treat those two imposters just the same…- R.K.


22 thoughts on “One door closes…

  1. Kris- Love this and love your outlook. You’ll hear a lot of people saying you are their inspiration. Add me to the list! We are moving the weekend of Shamrock-technically packing, but not leaving until Tuesday, 3/22. I am now thinking of doing the 8k, just to see your awkward dancing, and maybe do a little of my own.

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  2. I know this was an incredibly difficult decision for you to make Kris but I know it’s the right one. You are going to have an awesome sub 1:20 half marathon and I look forward to your 100% comeback.


  3. My heart goes to you, Kris. I know how tough this decision was for you, but I’m glad you have Brooklyn to keep you motivated.
    I feel you when you say that, given the great experience you had last year, it almost seems greedy to feel self pity for what’s going on now. I feel the same about Boston: I had the race of my life in less than ideal conditions last year and, in my heart, I know I should appreciate that and not complaining about the fact that I’ll be lucky if I’ll even make it there this year… but still…
    Hugs to you ❤


  4. God bless your courage.
    I totally understand I had two surgeries when I was at the top of my game. I had to start from scratch and watch others rise above.
    We are not victims but survivors and will come back stronger in time with good decision making.
    All the best and as always hang tough.


  5. So sorry, Kris, but sounds like a very wise decision with Boston coming up! As you say, there will always be other opportunities. I’ll be running the 8K as part of the USATF Masters championship. Time to find out if my aging legs have any speed! Hope to see you there.

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  6. *hugs* So sorry that you can’t run Shamrock because this seems like YOUR race- it’s in your area and a J&A race plus one where you always do well and enjoy it. Everything I’ve ever read about this race makes it sound amazing too and I’d love to run it one day.

    Still, you are making such a smart decision by not running. I am injured right now and have not had a pain free run in 4+ weeks (I unfortunately did run once in pain and I should not have). I volunteered at a packet pick up for a race that is tomorrow, and several people asked how I was. I told them I was injured, and get this… someone asked if I was running the race tomorrow! It is never a good idea to race injured or when you do not feel comfortable or know you’ll push it too far that you can’t recover or risk injury. It’s such a thin line and you never know you cross it until you do.

    Glad they gave you a “job” to do at the race and you still get to be a part of it though. I hope you have an amazing time and you never know who you might help out there with volunteering :).

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    • I know you’ve been injured too and have been reading your blog and wanted to reach out to chat with you. It took my awhile to admit it was an injury (we runners love denial! ).We can commiserate together for a bit. Wishing you a very speedy recovery! Also, think about coming up here for Shamrock next year. You would love it!

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  7. What a difficult decision but most definitely the wisest. Heal up, recover 100%, come back 200% better! I’ve never ran Shamrock. Sounds like a great one. And those guest speakers!!! Ah so wish I could be there. I love their cookbook and use it often.

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  8. Aw, I am so bummed to hear that you are injured. That must be super frustrating. Obviously you are doing the right (and only) thing. I hope that you recover quickly. I love your attitude about helping out and still having a great experience. I believe in Karma so you helping out this year will undoubtedly mean great things for you in future years.

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  9. It is the absolute best thing for you to be conservative with your recovery but I know how disappointing this must be. We are completely behind you and looking forward to watching your recovery and triumphant return.

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  10. Ugh, sorry to hear about the set back. At least you played it smart and only had to take 21 days off (take this from someone many months into dealing with a calf strain). Good luck with the Brooklyn Half build up !


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