Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap

Hello friends! It’s been awhile, as it always seems to go with this little internet space of mine. Honestly I’ve thought about closing up this blog. It seems between Instagram and Instastories, & Twitter, blogging is not as relevant as it used to be. So if I continue to only post every 4-5 months, you can find me on the other places.   That being said, I do have the day off of running and got the bug to update and share.

The last time I left you, it was March and I was devastated to miss out on my goal Marathon. I like to think I had a good attitude about it, but actually being present the moment the gun went off at the Shamrock Marathon without me on that line, was a tough one. Luckily I was with one of my best friends ever and we could commiserate together and lie to ourselves saying how awful it would be to run in sleet (yes sleet!!) anyway. “I’m so GLAD we aren’t running in this weather when everyone is dropping out, aren’t you?!?” Wink, Wink.  Absolute Lie.  But it is what it is and we both laughed anyway, having a fantastic weekend because we got to hang out with Shalane Flanagan for three days. I still can’t believe it. Best consolation prize ever. We got to drive her around to her speaking engagements, take her to meals, etc. We were so lucky and I’ll always be grateful for that opportunity.  Basically if J&A tells me I have to clean porta-potties next year I’ll be like, okay totally fair deal! I do hope to be racing the full though. Here are some pics-


I’m internally screaming in this photo. Can you tell?I mean it’s SHALANE FLANAGAN.


Just a wee bit freezing handing out blankets with the J&A Staffers. All the runners and volunteers were rockstars!

After Shamrock, I started to run again. It wasn’t a perfect process, re-injuring myself through cross training, and in total I think I took over 6 weeks off. I wanted to be ready for the Brooklyn Half Marathon but expectations had to be realistic. I went in with a new racing singlet and a mindset that I had absolutely nothing to lose.


New singlet! with Running Etc. Owner Mike Robinson

Now I understand why the Brooklyn Half Marathon sells out in minutes, it’s a fantastic event. Megan, Jess, and I arrived in Brooklyn Friday afternoon. Our Airbnb was cancelled by owner on us an hour before arrival and we panicked. Luckily we found an amazing hotel, the Marriot at the Brooklyn Bridge in a perfect location AND perfect price (not $$$$). Everyone who works there was AMAZING. They heard our sob story and even gave us upgrades. I have zero affiliation with them, just wanted to praise their kindness and let you all know the location was fantastic for the race and for touristing.


All smiles together wherever we go.

The race expo (above) was gorgeous and race morning was just as fantastic.  I was extremely lucky to have been given a seeded entry spot which gave an indoor meeting area with bathrooms and snacks (snacks!).  Upon arrival I could tell immediately I was in way over my head. There were not that many other ladies in the seeded field and I felt such guilt that I’m “not that fast” or don’t belong there. You’d think these feelings would have been left behind in middle school  but nope. My husband reminded me over text that I didn’t ask to be put there, I simply said thank you when it was offered. All I could do was give 100% of what I have and there was no reason to feel bad about myself.   But you know, he is my husband, he has to say nice things to me.

At the actual start line, I quickly met new friend, Sarah (pictured below). We had chatted on social media before and having a friend to laugh with in those final moments put any feelings of stress at ease.  We had discussed staying together for a few miles but within the first half mile I knew that would be impossible.  I entered this race wanting a huge, fast field, and I got it! There was barely any wiggle room to grab water and misstep.  Luckily I was able to settle in with a huge pack for the first 5 miles and loved it.  It was enthralling and I literally never felt any fear or doubt like I normally would during a half. The Prospect Park hills were easier than I had read about and the final 5 miles could not have been better suited for my running style.  I was hurting but with a long straight away, all I had to focus on was grinding out the miles. Every once in awhile you have a race that feels like you are floating. This was it. At mile 8 I knew I was going to have a great day. I finished in 1:21:42 and 22nd female.  The A goal before my injury was top 20 and sub 1:20 so for what its worth, I was thrilled with the outcome.  I’m still eyeing that sub 1:20 and after this race I’m feeling confident. One of the coolest things was within a minute Sarah and I found each other at the finish line area. She had a huge PR and finished within 10 seconds of me. I had no clue we were near each other. We were both thrilled!


Before the race with New York City Marathon Race Director, Peter Ciaccia. The most personable guy and so loved in the NYC running community.


Finish Line Coney Island Fun with Sarah. Please ignore my crazed hair.

After the race, Megan, Sarah, and I boarded the insanely packed subway back to our end of Brooklyn. Sarah had to leave but Megan and I spent the rest of the weekend celebrating with our friend Jess.  The REAL reason we went to Brooklyn 😉 It does pain me that we did all the fun touristy stuff in non running clothes and only managed to get one blurry photo of ourselves…ugh.


Since Brooklyn I’ve been taking time off from any formal training. Mileage is low and there is no set plan. It’s been fun to stay relaxed but I have been running often and throwing in some speedwork when I feel antsy.  I have my eye on two different Fall marathons but am leaning towards the California International Marathon in December.  Tomorrow evening, if the weather cooperates (at this point it looks like thunderstorms may cause a cancellation), I’ll race a track 5K for fun then I’ll start formal training again.

Thank you all for reading!!  Wishing lots of speedy luck to my many friends racing Grandmas Marathon and Half this weekend!  Let me know your Fall racing plans as I always love to hear them. Have a fun Summer all!


13 thoughts on “Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap

  1. I for one am SO glad you come back to this blog now and again. I totally eat up your race reports…it always makes me feel like I’m there at the front of the pack with you, tearing through the miles and joining you in whatever joy or heartache you encounter. I follow you on Insta and Twitter, too, but the race recaps are the best!! 🙂 This was another great one that I enjoyed thoroughly…congrats on a great race, especially post-injury, and I look forward to hearing about what’s next. As for me, I’m helping a friend run the Detroit International Half in October, which will be my first time doing this race (other than the relay). We run from the USA to Canada and back via a HUGE bridge over the Detroit River and then a tunnel on the way back. If you’re ever looking for an interesting marathon, you should look into this one–if you haven’t already, you’ll be able to check “run a marathon that span two countries” off your bucket list! 🙂

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    • Wow, thank you so much Steph! I appreciate that. I have never heard of Detroit International. Sounds awesome!! I will give their website a look as I love reading about new races. Happy training!


  2. I always love reading your blog, Kris! Please keep it up. We athletes have to lean on each other. I do consider myself an athlete-for my age and ability.
    I’m doing the Disney Wine and Dine half in November. Since it’s the first time (and maybe only time), I’ll get a course PR. I hope to have a moment or two of that “floating” feeling you described-it reminds me that I do actually love running and that it gives me so much joy!

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  3. I’m excited for you, my friend. I know we talked prior but I’m glad the race went better than expected. It’s definitely one I want to do at some point. We will have to catch up soon. I think I know of a couple of people running CIM and you would do well there. 🙂

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  4. Hi Kris! Awesome to see you with Shalane! I got to meet her at a VIP event this year at the Boston Marathon, she is really nice! We stayed at the Revere again. (The lobby is remodeled…we did not notice what we called “the best smelling hotel lobby in the world” scent the last time we were there…

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  5. I love reading your blog and glad you came back to write! That is an excellent half time considering you didn’t get in all the training you would’ve liked, and to be less than two minutes away from your goal, you certainly ran a good race! I heard Shamrock was really messy and rough this year, as I had an IRL friend run it. I bet it was nice hanging out with Shalane too!


  6. Nice race, especially for not having trained much!!! Now I really want to run this race if I’m ever out that way (and can manage to get in). Definitely do CIM because it’s the BEST!!


  7. Congratulations on a really strong race! I love reading your blog, so I hope you keep it up. I follow a lot of runners on Instagram, but it’s just not the same as reading a blog and hearing all the details of how a race went. Great job!


  8. I know I am WAY behind in commenting, but I totally agree that blogging (unless you are one of the “big ones” has fallen by the wayside. Insta and FB have taken over. Kind of makes me sad, but it’s where the times are going I guess! I ran CIM on my honeymoon, haha.


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